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Pool Cleaning Service in Shelton CT



We aim to provide our customers with quality products, easy maintenance and the best after sales services. Be it a residential or a commercial pool, we provide design and maintenance expertise everywhere. We don’t compromise on quality and aim to set standards. Our pool opening service is exactly what you need to get a beautiful setup for yourself.

Our Swimming Pool Services in Shelton CT

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We provide everything from the opening to periodic maintenance. Here’s what we offer:

Pool Opening

You might have the right place for the pool but should you really jump into building a pool over there? How deep should it be? Is there a need for a special water tank dedicated for this pool or the existing one is enough? These, and many more questions you have to think about when building a pool in your place. You can’t find all the answers yourself but our experts can handle everything.

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is one of the most important things to take care of. Pools need to be cleaned properly if closed for a long time or in regular use. A professional touch can make the pool as good as new and remove any chances of infections you might catch from a dirty pool. The pool isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned, the water needs to be checked too if it’s clean enough for use. For this, the filters need to be inspected, chlorine and chemical levels need to be checked, the water pH needs to be tested to ensure a safe and clean pool for you. Guess whose taking care of that; we are!

Pool Heater Installation

Warm water is as soothing in summers as it is in winters. Pool heaters are becoming an increasing demand and are modern and efficient every day. We provide pool heater installation and maintenance services as well. A pool heater is different from a regular heater. Therefore, it requires a skilled person to maintain as well as repair it. Pool heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We will find the best one for you to make give you the best experience.