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Oahu Concrete Maintenance Tips for Island Weather

Oct 9

It may be hard to believe that this time of year is perfect for backyard projects, but it's true. The sun is shining and the temperatures are just right. We want you to get your outdoor space ready for summer with these Oahu concrete maintenance tips. We'll also share some safety guidelines so you can avoid accidents while working on your property. 

Use a power washer to clean your driveway

A lot of homeowners neglect their driveways, but it is important to keep them clean and clear. The more debris you get out of the concrete, the better job you'll do when applying sealant. Using a pressure washer will remove sap, dirt, and stains from your driveway.

Take a look at your driveway and see if you can spot any cracks in the surface. This might seem like a minor issue, but those small crevices can easily be penetrated by water and allow for leaks to develop underneath. The best way to patch up those little fissures is with an epoxy or acrylic-based product.

Replace old sealant with new to avoid cracking and water damage

Marks on your driveway can be a bit difficult to remove, but you can try scrubbing them with a solution of bleach and dish soap. If the stain is too stubborn, have it professionally sand blasted off. Whether you're resurfacing from marks or sealing from cracks, applying a new coat of sealant will keep your driveway looking fresh and clean.

Protecting against water runoff

The best way to do this is by adding a few inches of gravel around the edges of your driveway. Not only does this method improve drainage, it also prevents dirt and debris from entering cracks in the concrete. This extra step can extend the life of your driveway for years to come. And with the amount of rain and moisture in Honolulu and island-wide, it's good to be strategic about water runoff.

Seal cracks in concrete with an epoxy

Sealant will not only protect your driveway from cracking, but it also keeps it looking good and lasting long. There are a few things to keep in mind when applying: 1) use a paint brush or roller if you're applying by hand and 2) don't double-dip - always discard leftover sealant before reusing the same

While it's a good idea to treat cracks, you'll want to perform this action before they get deeper. Cracks can result from pressure changes caused by temperature fluctuations. If you do happen to notice any cracks in your driveway, make sure not to pour water

For small cracks that are just starting, you can fill them with epoxy sealant and let it dry for 24 hours. If you're experiencing problems with pooling water on your driveway after heavy rain, sealant will also stop standing water from damaging your driveway.

Apply anti-skid paint on high traffic areas

With all the rain we get in Oahu and other places around the island, accidents can happen involving slipping and falling. This is especially true for seniors or children who aren't used to slick conditions. Adding anti-skid paint is a simple way to protect people from harm and provide better traction for those who need it.

Maintain gutters by cleaning out debris regularly

Gutters are a great way to manage rain water, but over time they can build up with moss, dirt and other debris. These obstructions will reduce the efficiency of your gutters and cause leaks around the exterior of your home's foundation and other concrete surfaces.

We all know that water can be a powerful destructive force that can start to cause deterioration on your concrete structures.  Keeping your gutters clear and functioning properly will help divert rain water into areas where there is proper drainage and away from important structures.

Maintenance made simple

Maintenance doesn't have to be overwhelming, especially when you work with the best Concrete Contractors Oahu has. We'll keep your driveway in top shape so you don't have to worry about costly repairs any time soon. It's always best to get ahead of the damage by protecting your property from all angles. From resurfacing to sealing, getting the help from professionals can help your concrete surfaces last for decades.

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