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NCAA Reveals Pre-Selection Psych Sheets for Women’s D1 Swimming Championships


The NCAA has released the pre-selection psych sheets for the 2021 Women’s Division I NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships. These lists don’t dictate who has been selected to the NCAA Championship meet, but they do tell us a few things.

For one, it shows us event selection for the more versatile of the qualifiers who had more realistic options than the allowed maximum 3 individual entries for the meet. Swimmers had to narrow the lists only to the 3 events they intend to swim.

Further, because more than 16 will be chosen per event, this allows us to begin scoring the psych sheets.

And finally, these lists will allow us to project where the cutline will eventually fall.

There can still be changes from these entries. Official post-cut entries, if historical patterns follow, will be released Wednesday. After their official release, if a swimmer scratches within 24 hours, they will be replaced by an alternate. This is a different procedure from prior years, where athletes could be called up until the meet began, because of additional COVID-19 policies put in place by the NCAA.

In all, there are many fewer “pre-selection” entries than we normally see. That’s because many mid-major programs are running their regular seasons and conference championships into March and April. We often see almost-any swimmer with a “B” cut wind up on these sheets, even if coaches know they won’t get a call-up, which usually means well over 100 pre-selection entries per event.

This year, because of fewer entries from the power teams and far fewer “B” cuts from mid-major programs, which have been more likely to delay their seasons, every individual event has 100 or fewer pre-selection entries.

Over the course of Tuesday, SwimSwam will break these entries down, look for the most interesting choices, and project where the cutline and scoring will come out.

The women’s 2021 championship meet will run from March 18-21, 2021 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Men’s entries are due out next week after the conclusion of the Big Ten Championships and a handful of scheduled Last Chance meets.