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Day In The Life of NBC Voice of Swimming Rowdy Gaines At The Olympics


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Three-time Olympic Champion and NBC Sports Voice of Swimming, Rowdy Gaines, has the dream job. Who wouldn’t want a front-row-center seat at the Olympic Games?  The 2021 Olympic Games (and the U.S. Olympic Trials) will mark Rowdy’s 8th turn in the chair.

What I want to know is what’s it really like? I have an idea. I’ve subbed for Rowdy before, but only for small competitions.  I know it’s intense, days starting at 5am and ending, sometimes, after midnight.  Thankful, ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Rowdy shares some details in this SwimSwam Podcast.

Rowdy also addresses the elephant in the room. Rowdy is well aware his commentary is not for us, the Swim Nerds. Rowdy’s working for NBC. He’s under direct instructions to call the races for the non-swimming audience, that fan that drops in once every four years.  “I have to have a moment where I explain the backstroke flags,” Rowdy laughed.  “I do it on every Olympic telecast.”

Rowdy, of course, loves the television gig and he shares a lot of insights:

  • his day-in-the-life from the Rio Olympics
  • how he goes to the bathroom during live telecasts
  • a few funny mistakes over the years
  • when he’s gotten the giggles during live telecasts
  • how he tries to manage four people talking in his ear while he’s commentating
  • and he shares his thoughts on how COVID will impact the Olympics


Music: Otis McDonald

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