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Dec 22
Are you wondering what the single solution to success is when it comes to networking for business?
 There's no secret! The combination of these four key network principles can increase your bottom line.

1. Be selective.

The process starts by being extremely selective in who you invite into your network of business networking relationships. Your network should include business professionals who possess a positive and supportive attitude. Additionally, you want to find individuals who are skilled at what they do.
 Effective networking depends on the quality of the relationships you establish. If your network is a mile wide and an inch deep it won't get the kind of referrals you'd like to receive. If you want to grow your business, it is essential to build lasting relationships with your partners in referrals.

2. Continuously add people to your list.

There's a clear connection between the size and number of referrals generated by a quality group.
The number of potential business referral connections in your network is equal to the actual number of people in the network. When you start building your own network of referrals, keep in mind that the more connections you have, the more effective. The main point is that the greater the number of connections you have (based on a solid relationship), the more referrals you'll be able to make. This is a fairly consistent and important math equation.

3. Seek engagement.

Engagement requires commitment as well as action. To succeed in your relationships in the network it is essential to make a commitment to your contacts, and then follow the steps to fulfill your word.
 Engaging can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Have you taken the time to meet regularly with people you know? Have you shared the key characteristics of your company to them to help them remember your products and services in the event of need? Have you also been educated about the essential features of their business so you can do the exact similar?
 The greater the number of people who are part of your network that are engaged in these activities the more likely they'll be able to bring in significant referrals.

4. Stories to tell.

Being attentive to the information provided by those in your referral network can help you tell good stories about them when you are able to recommend them. Holding regular meetings with your contacts from your network will help you create stories when you offer referrals, and vice versa.
A compelling story can motivate people to act. If you're looking to expand your network to get referrals from others put storytelling as the first priority of your efforts. Facts tell, but stories are the best way to sell.

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