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All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set

Nov 14

If you're looking to purchase a brand new set of Color pigments, then take a look at this All American Wood Works 8-piece pigment set. It is possible to experiment with different colors when you purchase this set that comes with two colors, black and clear epoxy.

What exactly is an Epoxy Pigment?

Epoxy pigments are one type of pigment that is created by combining epoxy resin with a colorant. Due to their excellent pigmentation strength, weather resistance and resistance to fading, these pigments are utilized in coatings and paints. They also have a very rapid drying time, making them perfect for situations where speedy response is needed, like varnish and paint.

What is the process behind Epoxy Pigments Work?

Epoxy pigments are a kind of pigment made from the epoxy resin as well as colorants. They can be used to create many colors in ink, paint and other media. You can mix epoxy pigments with other materials to make new colors, or change the properties of existing colors.

Epoxy pigments work by binding with the surfaces they are applied to. This binding creates a hard, durable layer that protects the pigment and stops the color from discoloring or fade over time. Epoxy pigments are flexible and can be used on many surfaces including wood, metal and plastic, glass and even glass.

Epoxy Pigments Advantages

Epoxy pigments are a great option to give color and variety to woodworking projects. They are weatherproof, fade-resistant, and durable. Some of the benefits of using epoxy pigments are:

They are easy to use and apply.

They are resistant to wind, water and other elements.

They can be utilized on different surfaces like wood, metal and even plastic.

They create a durable and attractive appearance.

For woodworkers looking to add color, epoxy pigments are an excellent choice. The pigments are safe and last for a long time. They won't harm the project. Here are a few advantages of using epoxy pigments:

They're permanent They are durable and remain on the surface even after years of usage.

They are waterproof: Epoxy pigments shield your project from water damage.

They are safe: Epoxy colors are safe for dogs and children.

What Colors Do I Need for My Project?

One of the most important aspects of painting a project is selecting the appropriate colors. To aid you in this we've created a complete color chart for every one of our products.

Below is a table listing all available products, together with the colors they correspond to and the approximate RGB equivalents:

PC Paint Colors

All American Wood Works pc Color Pigment Set

Where can I purchase vibrant epoxy pigments?

All American Wood Works' pc colour pigment set is an excellent choice if you are looking for bright epoxy colors to give life to your work. The set comes with eight colors that can be bought online or in most craft shops.

Each color comes with specific application methods and application method, so be sure to study the guidelines prior to beginning. You'll be able to design distinctive designs after you've learned the techniques to apply each color.


The All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set will provide you with a variety of high-quality pigments that can be used in arts and crafts. You can be confident that the paints will withstand the rigors of daily use. They're non-toxic and water-resistant. And if you're ever feeling confused when selecting the color you want to use for your masterpiece, then you're not in trouble because the set includes a range of shades that will be able to cover the majority of bases.

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