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North Gaia is near to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park a great place to take evening walks and an place for water sports

Jul 12

North Gaia from Sing Holdings is a new executive condo (EC) development located on Yishun Ave 9. It encompasses 21,518.8 square metres, and it has an maximum GFA of 60,240 square meters. The new executive condo can accommodate up to 600 houses.

7 years passed from the time the government formally approved to build the construction of an EC site in order to constructed within Yishun. The approval was granted in April 2014 when it was planned to be a part of Yishun Street 51. In the present, the newly created EC North Gaia is revealed and will be located within Yishun Avenue 9 located near to the Waterway.

The auction of land on the Yishun Avenue 9 EC site in 2020 generated a lot of questions, and seven bids. This site lies 1.4 kilometers of the Yishun MRT station and could be developed into 600 homes. The property was sold to Sing Holdings in November 2020 following the award of the most expensive priceof $373.5 million that is equivalent to the price of $576 per square foot, based on the area of land which has an area proportion which is.

North Gaia Yishun is set to begin construction in 2022. and The Yishun Avenue 9 North Gaia EC is expected to attract a large amount of prospective buyers especially HDB upgraders looking to leave the public housing system to an apartment that is owned by a private corporation. Due to the absence of new EC stock in the area The 99-year leasehold property is expected to see an increase in demand.

North Gaia Yusun mrt is located just two minutes from Junction 9 which offers residents the opportunity to eat in the food courts as well as outlets and a grocery store. The development covers the site that covers 21,518.8 acres. It will include 617 homes.

It is located around 1.2 miles from the city's center zone . It is situated precisely in the area where Yishun North-South Line Station and Yishun Bus Terminal are located.

Yishun MRT operates trains that operate north-south. It is connected via Jurong East Interchange and Marina Bay. Schools are easy to access and are also easy to reach. These are a part of Yishun elementary school, which is Chongfu School, in this the case of Ahmad Ibrahim elementary school. North Gaia Executive Condo is situated close to numerous places of work, including The Bizhub Yishun The Woodlands Regional Centre in addition to in close proximity to The Seletar Aerospace Hub and Yishun Industrial Park.

North Gaia EC is located within the borders of Yishun town that is located around 2 km from Yishun MRT station. This is by far the most updated EC site located in the region , and has been administered by the GLS since 2014. This most current update was finalized by The Criterion (completed 2018) and Signature at Yishun (completed in 2017) It's possible that there aren't enough registered applicants.

North Gaia EC have everything you'll need, from easy connections to schools, to parks, shopping centers as well as community centres and parks within the vicinity and other facilities. North Gaia EC is just 5 minutes away from Junction 9 which is a mall for the neighbourhood that is home to a Sheng Siong grocery store. There is a wide range of shops for clothing and food and other shops.

Find specific services designed to improve the mental and physical well-being of your guests . They'll ensure complete peace. Your guests can take a break during their vacation and enjoy the luxurious comforts of home.

The feeling of comfort and luxury is evident every when you enter your lovely home. The natural light of your home is reflected by the reflections of light which reflect off the walls the wall, creating an vast space. The stunning home is a reflection of your love for the most gorgeous objects you can glance at.

North Gaia EC contains two collections that have been meticulously built and designed, with two bedrooms and two vast space. Luxury apartments are also available, as well as huge three-bedroom houses , which are referred to as penthouses of the highest quality.

The word "luxury" is used to describe the homes that are located in North Gaia EC is luxurious. When you walk into the living spaces , you'll be able to picture the tranquility of a town that's updated to accommodate the modern lifestyle.

Enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal with your family and friends with your loved ones in the serene and tranquil area of the barbeque and dining pavilions. These have themed garden areas. Enjoy the water while you enjoy a meal that is suited to your preferences. You can also enjoy an excursion through beautiful urban landscapes. This can be a great way to enjoy traditional meals at the table.

Keep your mind and body engaged with a refreshing swimming at one of numerous spas. Relax in the tub and relax your body and mind.

North Gaia EC Developer - Sing Holdings

North Gaia is proudly developed by the hand of Sing Holdings Limited. It is a publicly traded business and its Mainboard is listed on the Singapore Exchange which was created in 1964. With a deep understanding of the evolution of the real estate sector in Singapore It is evident through their previous and ongoing projects such as Parc Botannia, The Laurels, Waterwoods, Robin Residences and Meyer Residence.

The brand-new North Gaia EC in Yishun Avenue 9 will be serviced by public transport. The nearby Yishun MRT station provides the convenience of accessing Raffles Plaza's Orchard Road shopping belt and the business district situated inside Central Raffles Place. It's also only four stops away from Woodlands MRT station, which is set to become an interchange station on the forthcoming Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) which will increase connectivity to Singapore's east region in Singapore.

motorists who reside in North Gaia will enjoy an modern road network that consists of arterial and main roads that connect to expressways and bus interchanges and Metrorails. There's also an expressway called the Bukit Timah (BKE) Expressway and Seletar Expressway (SLE) and are both connected via Yishun. The brand new North-South Expressway (NSE) will reduce traffic congestion and improve accessibility to northern areas as well as downtown CBD.

Northpoint City

Northpoint City is the largest mall in the northern region of Singapore. The mall was previously named Northpoint Shopping Centre and features more than 500 restaurants or establishments. It is the largest mixed-use area in the region and is linked to the bus interchange traffic that is air-conditioned and is located inside the houses that make up included in North Park.

Malls are great places to shop, offering an array of products. Many stores and services that offer food, fitness, health and much more are readily available and are able to meet the needs of all families.

There are a variety of eateries and eateries to choose from and you'll find plenty of choices at the mall to shop. It's a great place to relax and unwind and go shopping or eat, or go to the amusement park that offers various video games and other fun activities.

Wisteria Mall

Wisteria Mall is a fantastic place to shop that is ideal to North Gaia residents. The huge mall has many choices for shoppers of every kind in a welcoming and inviting environment.

The mall's lifestyle section is filled with shops and merchandise that let you to shop until satisfied. When you're done shopping, make sure to unwind and dine in some of the eateries which offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Junction Nine

Another mall you can locate located in North Gaia is Junction Nine. Junction Nine is a mall which spans two floors and includes over 140 shops. It's the ideal place to eat delicious food as well as an array of products to satisfy your needs every day.

Yishun is a wonderful dining experience that offers a broad selection of dining options that are suitable for North Gaia EC residents. There are many restaurants, cafés, and restaurants offering tasty meals within the area. North Gaia EC residents can benefit from a relaxing dining experience, having delicious food and drinks in tranquil locations.

There are a number of Hawker stores around the vicinity for meals that are cheap. The most excellent Chinese restaurants, such as Wong Chiew Restaurant, The Famous Kitchen and Putien restaurant are all located close enough to walk to, and provide tasty and simple Chinese food items. They serve local dishes such as Roast Meats as well as The Hong Kong Noodles, Seafood Zhu Chao and many more.

Any fan of Hawkers can enjoy a fantastic experience in North Gaia. There is a restaurant to dine at, The restaurant the 892 Yishun Hainanese the rice-based chicken, and indulge in delicious and juicy chicken that is cooked using delicious grains. Go to 928 Yishun Laksa for delicious gravy that is tasty and thick, and also serves delicious and fresh Cockles. It's big and delicious.

Its busy Chong Pang Market & Food Centre is also a wonderful location to dine on delicious meals. The most famous dishes include those made of duck, Chwee Kueh, soy bean milk, and Kway Chap.

If hawker centers do not meet your requirements, then you can satisfy your taste with the most innovative food choices available at the Yishun Park Hawker Centre. The restaurant is known for its blend of modern and traditional cuisine.

Yishun is a well-known city due to numerous factors, but one of them is that it's the location of breathtaking green areas, opportunities for enjoyment and recreation to do. Nature-lovers who live within North Gaia will never run out of outdoor pursuits and are able to access a variety of the most stunning trails and trails for cycling easily accessible.

Yishun Park

Yishun Park was originally an agricultural plantation that was used to produce rubber and rubber, but is today a great spot to relax and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty. The small parks is covered with a variety of beautiful plants and exotic fruit trees. It also has numerous recreational facilities. There's plenty of activities to keep your children entertained , with the numerous playgrounds, courts, gyms and play areas with multi-purpose play areas and amphitheatres.

Yishun Pond Park

Yishun Pond could be the ideal location to take long walks in the evening. The park is filled with lush greenery, and is full of the trails of nature and fitness that can be a great way to bond with your loved ones and is perfect for people with hectic lives. Furthermore it is home to an variety of plants that are found in the swamps, trees and an aquatic promenade. It is also because the tower is shaped by an arc. This is the perfect spot for Yishun residents to unwind.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is the perfect spot for those who are nature lovers to unwind from the pressures of everyday life. It's only 10 minutes away from Yishun. The park is serene and serene. It's a wonderful location to enjoy walks, or walks as well as a place to enjoy activities on the water and a fishing jetty.

Sembawang Hot Spring

A few minutes away from North Gaia is Sembawang Hot Spring. In within the vicinity of this stunning outdoor area that allows families to have fun. Sembawang Hot Springs' 1.1-hectare park is lined with sitting areas and the swimming pool with waterfall, restaurant and flowers. A foot bath in the outdoor. There is the possibility to enjoy your time in the park , having an ice bath in the steaming pool, or by making eggs that gently boil.

Another excellent option for recreation which are easily accessible at Yishun can be found at Yishun dam, ideal to grill during weekends, picnics and also the opportunity to host family reunions. The nearby Sungei Khatib Bongsu, home to Singapore's biggest mangrove riverine ecosystem as well as the natural habitat for wildlife as well as massive trees, is a great place to unwind. Families are also able to benefit from the facilities at Springleaf Nature Park, Safra Yishun, Seletar Country Club and many more.

Furthermore, residents will gain from the 21.5-km of length of the northern-south road (NSC). The NSC is regarded as one of the biggest Transit Priority Corridor that will alter the way people travel between the areas of southern and northern regions within The Northern Region and the City. The corridor will connect a variety of modes of transport, including designated bike routes, pedestrian and bus lanes. It is expected to be finished in 2026. It is anticipated that it will reduce commute times and enhance connectivity.

Yishun is situated within the vicinity of a number of the most prestigious schools in Singapore. Parents living in North Gaia will have an easy time choosing schools that offer the best education your child will love. Schools include preschools, kindergartens secondaryschools, primary international schools, college and international schools as well as international schools.

The school in this region is Chongfu School, is only five minutes from the center from North Gaia. Chongfu School provides the most efficient program that covers five distinct areas that cover aesthetics, intellectual ethics, and physical and social. Chongfu will build the future generation of thinkers who have the emotional and social capabilities that contribute to morally responsible citizen.

In addition, Yishun Library is in the town too. The library's public spaces are unique and provides a great place for students. The library was recently renovated and it was officially opened in 2018. It has brand new learning spaces that are accessible by members of the public.

North Gaia is situated close to several retail stores that range from boutiques that are small to large shopping malls. Future residents are just a brief drive from places that will help with the essentials of everyday living, like food, household goods and other essentials.

Malls located in the region include food outlets, kids' playgrounds, and other facilities and entertainment facilities that allow patrons to unwind after a day shopping. The most popular malls in the vicinity of North Gaia include Northpoint City, Yishun Mall, Wisteria Mall, Khatib Central, and Junction 9.