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Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options

Jun 22

Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options

There are four main options for homeowners when it comes to remodeling or updating their kitchen cabinets. You should think about your goals and consider how the new layout will affect your budget. You can trust our experts to help you get the best out of your remodel project. Read on to learn more about each option.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Possibilities

Kitchen cabinets are the best investment when remodeling your kitchen. Consider this: almost eighty percent is vertical space in your kitchen cabinets. Here are four options for updating an outdated kitchen design.

Option 1: Affordable cabinet refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to save half the price of new cabinets. These options are only possible if your existing cabinet boxes are in good condition and you intend to keep the layout the same. A competent Kansas cabinet refacing company will transform the appearance and function of your existing kitchen and can even build additional cabinets to match it if necessary.

Cabinet refacing includes all new doors and drawer faces, plus the addition of end panels to complete your transformation. Cabinet refacing usually takes less time than with new cabinetry. It is typically completed in less than a week. You can upgrade your kitchen's performance by equipping the interior with storage upgrades. Additionally, cabinet refacing requires fewer materials, so less material ends up in the landfill.

Option 2: Painting cabinets

DIY homeowners are increasingly choosing this option for cabinet updates. You might be able to have your cabinets painted by some companies if you want to switch from a woodgrain style to a flat trending color. Although this is the most economical option, homeowners sometimes find that the result is not what they want. The labor involved in painting cabinets can be tedious. You will need to remove the drawers and doors from the cabinet, prep the area, then paint each drawer, door, and frame. The end result will be the same door style. However, if the doors are damaged or warped you may not get the same look and the paint could chip more easily.

Option 3: Ordering new stock cabinets

It's tempting to order new, stock cabinets from big box stores, but this may not be the right solution for you if it isn't. With affordable replacement cabinets, homeowners can make substantial savings and transform their kitchen. You, the homeowner, must measure and order the right size kitchen cabinets for your project.

You can save money by purchasing new appliances, or creating custom solutions like an under-cabinet wine cooler that will enhance the functionality and design of your kitchen. This is a smart move to make to ensure that you include these items in your initial measurements.

Option 4: Replacing the only doors

Although you will find many results for kitchen cabinet doors when you search on the Internet, they might not be what you're looking for. You will still get the same cabinet box finish whether you choose to work with a contractor or buy factory-made drawers and doors from an online supplier. This may limit your design options. The Spruce provides design inspiration, including ideas for painting cabinet boxes. However, this does not eliminate the homeowner's need for additional work to complete the renovation. The old adage "you pay what you get" still applies.

Your favor

It's important to determine what you want from your kitchen remodeling project and how much. Is it simply changing the color and style of the space or a complete remodel? If you consider all of your options, kitchen cabinet replacement may be the most efficient, cost-effective, transformative, and time-saving option. Get a free consultation with a Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing Expert to help you explore your options.


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