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Is it possible to install ductwork yourself?

Jun 22

Is it possible to install ductwork yourself?

Most homeowners forget about the ductwork in their HVAC system. These are the tubes that distribute air throughout a house. These duct systems are responsible for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in heating and cooling. The wrong ductwork in your home could lead to high energy costs, excessive AC work, uncomfortable temperatures, and other problems.

What should you do? What is your Ductwork?

Do-it-yourself is often thought to be more cost-effective than hiring an HVAC contractor to repair your air conditioning unit. To save you the trouble of wondering and more thinking, though, ductwork is possible to do yourself, it is strongly recommended that professional HVAC technicians be hired for your Duct Install. Ductwork runs throughout the house, making DIY repairs much more challenging than you think.

Energy Star states that the average home loses 20% to 30% of its air-conditioned heat due to duct leaks and poor connections. If 30% or more of your air conditioner unit's air is lost, it means that you will be using your HVAC system for longer periods of time, which could lead to higher electricity bills and increased repair costs.

If you don't take into account the possibility of ductwork deterioration, cracks can form in your attic allowing cool air to escape. Dirty air can then enter your home. The first thing you can do to protect your home and your health is to be aware of signs that your ductwork is deteriorating. Well-designed ductwork distributes air evenly throughout the home and prevents leakage. It also keeps all rooms at the same temperature. This will keep you feeling comfortable and fresh all day.

Remember this: You can save some money on installing your ductwork in your home but it is not something you can do to solve your problems. It is not your typical bake-your-own-cookies type of situation, and especially, it is not that easy. The average homeowner will not be able to handle ductwork and other HVAC systems because they are too complicated and require too much industry expertise.

Columbus HVAC Ductwork installation mistakes can lead to serious problems, such as motor overheating, ductwork condensation, inadequate air isolation, poor air distribution, and inadequate air distribution. These problems can cause energy inefficiency and higher costs. It's not something you want to do again. (Of course! Who does?)

HVAC professionals are the best people to handle duct installation. It is possible to save money on ductwork. It's not in the ductwork, but elsewhere in your house.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning can help with all HVAC questions.

Columbus Airduct cleaning can assist you if you have concerns about your ductwork. Our Free Estimate will give you an honest assessment of your current condition. We are able to provide reliable, high-quality duct installations that will solve all your problems.



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