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Five Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles For Your Tiny House

Jun 21

Five Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles For Your Tiny House

In the last decade, carpet tiles have surpassed elementary schools and airports. The carpet tiles were once a simple way to cover a floor. But, they are now an elegant and fun way to add softness or color to any home.

Carpet tiles can be grouped together to form squares of carpet.

Carpet tiles are squares that have a sticky backing and are then glued together to cover flooring. You can choose from a variety of sizes, such as 19x19 square or 24x24 square. Instead of being in a large roll that can be hauled by two or three people each, they are packaged in smaller boxes of 10 to 12 each. A DIYer can install them easily with only a few tools.

They can be used to create many patterns.

They come in many textures and thicknesses. Some carpet tiles can be made from recycled plastic bottles while others are made from natural materials, such as sisal or jute. Many of these materials are easy to maintain.

They can also be made from recycled or sustainable materials.

These reasons are excellent on their own but here are five reasons you should consider carpet tiles to decorate your small house.

1. They are easy to install

It is common to see tiny homes with laminate floors or hardwood floors. However, installing Yuma carpet tiles in a small space can be the most cost-effective way to add flooring. It doesn't take any special tools, except a measuring tape, Xacto blade, and chalk. A small floor can be put together in as little as a few hours. They can also be added to a loft by simply rolling a heavy carpet up a ladder or using loft stairs.

2. They can be easily adjusted for size

Carpet tiles don't have to be laid on the entire floor. You can make an area rug with just a few tiles or cover one room or sleeping space with the tiles.

3. It's possible to get very creative

You can rotate some carpet tiles to make different patterns. Homeowners can even buy random tiles with different patterns and colors to create their own unique floor. It is entirely up to you what designs you want.

4. It is easy to replace tiles that are damaged

You can easily remove any carpet tiles that the dog has damaged by chewing. It is worth buying carpet tiles from a trusted dealer or big-box store that keeps the same style of tile on hand.

5. They are generally less expensive

Laminate and hardwood flooring prices have soared in the last year. You can still find basic carpet tiles for as low as $1 to $2 per square foot. For a typical 250-square-foot house, carpet tiles will cost less than $1,000. If there are sales or deals, it could be as low as $500.

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