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How to know when to replace or repair your siding

Mar 22

How to know when to replace or repair your siding

If you discover that your exterior siding is in dire need of repair, there are two options. You can have the siding repaired or replaced depending on its condition and extent. A second option is to have the exterior siding of your home completely replaced.

Remodeling Homes St. Paul has provided professional siding services for local St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas for many years. This experience has taught us several tips that will help homeowners make the right decision. These pros and cons address the urgency of your problem as well the available budget.


Let's get started with Option One, which is simply to repair the siding of St Paul.


Siding Repair Pros:

Consider the longevity of your siding before you decide whether it should be replaced or repaired. How long will you be able to live in your home? If the answer is less in the near term, then you should consider repairing your siding. You'll also save money by repairing your siding sooner than you would expect.


Siding Repair Con's:

Repairing your siding might seem like the best option for the short term, but there are also many disadvantages. It can feel like you are trying to put a band-aid on a larger problem by repairing your siding. Although it may provide some temporary protection, more extensive surgery will be necessary at some point. Repairing is usually a temporary solution and will not provide a full warranty. Additionally, per square foot costs are significantly higher for siding repair. Siding repair is more expensive than a complete replacement.


Let's get a little deeper with Option 2 - totally replacing the siding.


Complete Replacement Pros for Siding:

It is a better option for homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for longer periods of time, as replacing the siding can be more cost-effective. It's better to replace your siding than repair it. Let's get started with protecting your home's exterior. The option of additional exterior design options is also available when you replace the entire siding system. It will cost less per square foot to replace siding, which can increase the home's value. The cost of replacing siding is less than replacing it. Don't forget to include a full warranty on all labor and materials.


Complete Siding Replacement Con:

The project cost and the time needed to complete the job are two potential obstacles when choosing the siding replacement option. It is clear that a complete replacement of the siding will cost more and take longer than simply fixing it. It is worth looking at this investment from a long-term standpoint.


It is important to consider the pros and disadvantages of siding replacement or repair. We offer some useful tips and recommendations for homeowners looking to replace or repair their siding.


Siding Repair Recommendations:

Make sure you do not cut sections or patch up your siding when you decide to repair it. It is best to start by repairing each section in sections. This will eliminate potential problems in the future. Additionally, you can apply installation and material warranties, so that the siding is still available for replacement when your budget allows.


Ask the company to inspect under all siding where they will be working. Make sure to ask for several photos of the current condition of both the moisture barrier as well as the sheathing. This is a great opportunity to examine how siding or sheathing looks in other parts of the house. It is also a good idea to inspect the tops and sides of doors and windows. Make sure you check for any missing metal flashing.


Recommendations For Complete Siding Replacement:

We would recommend homeowners replace their siding completely in an ideal world. You will have peace of mind knowing your home is safe for many years. The cost of replacing siding is far less than the cost of installing it. Your money will buy you premium warranties from your siding specialist and the materials. You also get an inspection of the exterior of your home, along with an assessment of mold and sheathing rot. This can be a useful indicator to identify potential problems with your home's exterior.


Investment in exterior protection for your home is a smart decision, regardless of whether you are looking to replace, repair or replace siding.


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