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Mar 22


Your dog is your best friend. Your cat is your constant companion. It makes sense to include your feline companions in any kitchen remodeling plans.

Our years of experience in designing kitchens have taught us that pets will be happier with your Houston TX kitchen remodel. We recommend thinking about how Fluffy or Fido use the space.

It might sound absurd at first. Your cat can't cook and your pet can't wash dishes. These pet-friendly ideas can be very practical and help simplify your kitchen.

These pet-friendly ideas for kitchens will transform your space.

1: Crate or dog bed with built-in features

You can create a sleek, modern kitchen and place a large dog bed or crate in the corner. The dog crate/bed could be built into the design, making it accessible and pleasing to the eye.

2: Pull-out/Hidden Water and Food Dishes

Pet owners know that food and water dishes are essential kitchen accessories. However, you don't want them taking up too much of your space. How many times have we accidentally knocked over our dog's water bowl? As part of your kitchen renovation, have your designer create a space for your pet's water bowl and food dishes.

3: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring will make it easier to maintain your kitchen's beauty. It is easy to maintain and won't show scratches. Darker woods can show fur so choose lighter wood if your pet sheds.

4: Rugs or runners

If you have a lot of space, you can choose a rug to place where your pet will not mind curling up. You can help them see, but not underneath. It can also protect floors and prevent smaller animals from slipping on flooring surfaces. Laminate is an excellent option but can be slippery for tiny paws.

Consider the following when choosing a rug/runner: You want something that can easily be washed and spot cleaned. Also, darker colors will reflect fur more than lighter colors.


5: Pet-friendly Surfaces, Finishes

You might be enamored by the waterfall countertop and high gloss cabinets but think about how they will look when your furry friend leaves paw prints and nose prints. Honed countertops or stained or painted cabinets work better if you don't have the time to clean them all the time.

6: Pull-out trash containers

To keep your pet safe and reduce the likelihood of a messy cleanup, place pull-out trash bins and recycling bins underneath your cabinets.


7: Kitchen Hardware

Keep your kitchen hardware selections simple and avoid sharp corners or edges. You should choose pulls over knobs to keep your paws from getting caught. Also, avoid polished finishes as they can be easily scratched.

8: Safe Cleaning Products

Once your kitchen remodels is complete, it's important to keep it looking great. Many cleaning products aren’t pet-friendly. Take a moment to clean out your supplies and make sure you only use pet-friendly cleaners like these. You don't even have to think about how you clean your kitchen counters. This photo will remind you what your cat might do when you're not there!


These are not necessarily about trendy kitchen designs or style. They're more about how you use your kitchen, and how it affects your daily life. For some homeowners, a pet-friendly cooking area is a good choice.


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