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Five Reasons to Protect Your Pool with a Safety Cover

Nov 22

Five Reasons to Secure Your Pool by putting it under a safety Cover

As autumn approaches as we prepare to end summer There are two major questions owners of pools owners must answer: When to cover the pool and how do you cover your pool. The first choice is according to the level of comfort you and your family members are enjoying swimming in the cooler temperatures as well as how much you'd like to put into heating your pool when it loses heat more quickly.

The solution to this second query is "with the winter covering" or "with the protection covers." The winter covers are basically the size of a tarp put over the pool, with the primary goal to keep debris and dirt out of the pool when it isn't in use.

The security covers is a solid piece of material is, just like a winter covering, can be put over the pool in order to keep it clean and to make it possible to open the swimming pool during spring much simpler. But a safety cover is distinct from a winter water bag cover because it is a break-through strength that typically exceeds 4,000 pounds that's about the same weight of an average-sized SUV. It is anchored to the deck and above the pool instead of being held up by bags filled with water or other methods.

What is the reason a Security Cover is a good idea?

There are many reasons why you should consider the safety cover whenever you shut down your water for season. It is among them:

  1. The control of access. A safety cover stops pets and children from accessing your swimming pool.
  2. The pool is protected. Having a safety cover is a good idea to keep debris and dirt out that protects the pool from harm and makes opening the pool during spring much more easy.
  3. Nice design. Safety covers look elegant and polished when they are placed in the right place. The cover will be visible all winterlong, so design is important.
  4. Great fitting. A safety cover can be designed to suit features such as spas with raised walls, raised walls or even waterfalls.
  5. The durability. A safety cover is durable and strong, and can last for several years of use.

Mesh, Solid or an automatic safety cover A plethora of options to safeguard Your Pool

Safety covers are available in three different kinds: mesh, solid and automatic.

A solid cover for safety prevents debris, water and light out of the pool. A mesh cover blocks out debris however it allows water as well as light to flow through. Covers made of mesh and solid are manually installed and removed typically in spring and fall. A safety cover that is automatic is installed permanently in a track. It is closed and opened with an electronic key switch or a touchscreen.

The most suitable protection for the pool is one that meets your family's requirements. Find out more about various choices for safety covers within our Brochure.