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Nov 10
A pool is an excellent feature of any property and it will boost the visual appeal of your residence. It gives you the means to relax and enjoy yourself right in the comfort of your home. Swimming in a pool has a good number of health benefits. Also, you can always spend quality time with your loved ones when you have a pool.
We are the most trusted and reliable pool builders in The Woodlands, Texas. We have the best hands in the city to build your pool to match your taste and style. Our pools are highly durable too.

About Us

We are a licensed and insured pool building company situated in The Woodlands, Texas. The need to make summertime more enjoyable for the people in the city was the reason why we started our company. Today, we have developed into the foremost pool builders in The Woodlands. This is thanks to our dedication to the improvement of the lifestyle of the people. We always set out to build pools that will give our valuable clients the maximum satisfaction. With us, every single stage of your pool's construction will be completed with the highest level of expertise.

Our Pool Building Services

Since we started our company, excellent service delivery has always been our top priority. At Woodlands Pool Builders, we understand the importance of building beautiful, safe, and quality pools. We employ only the best and most qualified pool builders. To ensure that you are satisfied with the results of our work, our highly professional employees will always keep you informed on our progress. Your opinions will always be sought too. As a modern company, we have adapted to the technological trends in the pool building business. And this increases our ability to deliver faster and more efficient services.

Pool Construction


Pool Construction

The huge investment you will be putting into the construction of your pool makes it important that the project is only handled by professional pool builders like us. When it comes to the construction of gunite pools in The Woodlands, we are heads and shoulders above our competitors.  Gunite pools are regarded as the best pools for a good number of reasons. They are very durable and flexible, while you also get to give your pool an exquisite finish.

Spas have been around for decades. This is because of the several benefits they offer. Spas are smaller pools that are equipped with heaters and jets. A spa may be attached to an actual swimming pool or installed separately. A spa bath is a good remedy for some health conditions. It is also great for people recovering from injuries.

When your pool is in need of wholesale changes and upgrades, pool remodeling should be considered ahead of pool replacement. Pool remodeling will save you money and time while giving you the benefits of a new pool. When you hire us for your pool remodeling, we will have your pool appear trendier. We will also switch out your old pool equipment for state of the art equipment. A remodeled pool will be much safer and usable.

3d Design
Construction Process
Water Features and Add-ons

3D Design

One of the advantages of hiring us to build your dream pool is our technological approach to swimming pool design. With the use of 3D design software, we will work with you to design a truly exceptional plan. The plan we produce will show exactly what your pool will look like post-construction. You will also get to share the plan with more people and easily make the necessary adjustment. The 3D design is the most suitable approach for designing custom pools.
Construction Process

Here, we give you a well-detailed explanation of the various stages of pool construction. This is to give you an idea of what we are going to be doing on your property and how long it will take. We start off by designing the necessary plans and getting them approved. From there, we will move to prepare the site and dig a hole that fits the dimensions on the plan accurately. We will then fix the steel bars and install the necessary plumbing and electrical conduits. The gunite will be applied next under immense air pressure and after the pool shell is formed, we will install the tile and coping materials. We move closer to the end of the project by giving your pool a stylish decking. The next line of action will be to install the necessary pool equipment. The required safety system will also be installed around your pool. Finally, we will give the interior of your pool an exquisite pool. We will complete the project by filling up your pool and testing all pool equipment.
Water Features and Add-Ons

Swimming pool add-ons give you a whole of options for the improvement of your pool. Our employees have the knowledge and experience needed to advise you on the right features that you should add to your pool. The most popular option is the water feature. Excellent examples of water features are water fountains, waterfalls, jets, and infinity walls. Other options include pool decking, pool lighting, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, in-pool seating, and so on.

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At Woodlands Pool Builders, we prioritize the satisfaction of all of our customers. We keep our customers satisfied by working to deliver our services with increased proficiency and efficiency. This is why we have structured our customer service to be available round the clock for anyone trying to contact us, regardless of their location. Whenever you contact us, you can always expect a seamless exchange of information. Our customer care agents are ever ready to answer your calls whenever you ring our phone lines. We also have agents who respond to your messages when you send a message via our website.