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How to Care For Your Swimming Pool With DIY Pool Service

Nov 7


Pool maintenance is the main responsibility of any pool service company. It includes cleaning the filter, pump, heater, chemicals, heating system, pool lining, tiles, decking, fencing, and safety features. The pool cleaning team should be highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of pools. Maintenance work on swimming pools should be scheduled and completed in a timely manner to ensure safety. If this maintenance is not performed properly, damage can occur and could even cause it to shut down.

Get Monthly Pool Service Reports

In order to determine if the pool service company is providing the proper levels of maintenance, ask for an inspection report from them. A report will help determine if necessary preventative maintenance services are being conducted. For example, swimming pool service companies that offer salt water only or salt water/carbon water cleaning services should provide a written estimate outlining how much work will be needed to clean the swimming pool. The estimate should include both the time and dollar amount of the maintenance work. Professional pool service companies that provide both above-ground pool services and salt water cleaning should make this information available with their customers. This will help ensure the right level of care is provided and allow for optimal enjoyment of the swimming pool.

Proper Pool pH Levels

Most pool maintenance will focus on checking the pH levels of the swimming pool water. Some of the chemicals and equipment used to treat swimming pools can actually reduce the natural ph balance of the waters. If the pH levels are not balanced, algae can form easily, which can result in unsightly and unhealthy patches on the walls and in the water.

Many people who hire a pool service company to take care of their swimming pool needs do so because they are aware of the chemicals that need to be used. While new filters are often beneficial, old filters should be taken out of the swimming pool if there are no chemicals currently being used. Leaving old filters in the water will result in increased costs for the pool service company as they have to buy a new filter and dispose of the old one.

Weekly Pool Cleaning

Basic cleaning may be needed on occasion, such as monthly inspections. Swimming pool maintenance professionals are able to determine when a cleaning schedule should be implemented. A weekly cleaning schedule is most effective when it comes to chemical balancing, although some individuals opt for monthly inspections instead. Either way, cleaning should occur at least once a week to ensure the chemical balance is not lost. This will also help to eliminate the growth of algae and other non-professional issues that might occur over time.

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When it comes to DIY pool maintenance, many people do not realize that the level of chemicals being used must be closely monitored. A properly maintained pool can effectively remove 99% of organic material from the water. However, too much chemical cleaning or too little chemical washing can result in mineral deposits that are very hard and need to be removed before the pool can safely be used. This is where an annual pool inspection comes into play.

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